Saturday, September 29, 2012

Professional Student

Hi everyone,
This is Liz trying to write some thoughts before I make myself go back to doing homework (aargh).
I have been a "professional student" for quite awhile. I finished my Masters degree last year and in my crazy mind I thought I was up to finishing a 6 class certificate after just finishing my MBA. I was so wrong!!! I am in my last class out of the 6 classes and I am SO worn out.  Even though I have been very fortunate to continue and further my education, I think I have gotten to the end of the rope where I really don't want to continue to be a student. I enjoy being a professional but not a professional student, and I think I'll leave it at that. I know I have to finish my last class but it is taking everything out of me to make myself get in front of the computer and work on my assignments. Do you guys have any tips on how to make a worn out student finish the last part of the race :)

Much Love

Hola a todas!
Esta es Liz. Estoy escribiendo mis pensamientos antes de obligarme a ir a hacer tarea (aaargh).
He sido una estudiante profesional por buen tiempo. Termine mi Maestria el ano pasado y en mi mente loca pense que registrarme para acabar un diplomado de 6 classes despues de terminar mi maestria no iba a ser un problema. Que errada estaba!!!! Estoy en mi ultima clase y estoy tan cansada no tienen idea. Aun que he sido muy afortunada en continuar mi education, creo que he llegado al final del camino en donde realmente no quiero seguir siendo una estudiante. Disfruto ser una profesional y simplemente ser eso. Se que tengo que terminar mi ultima clase, pero el ponerme en frente de la computadora y trabajar es lo mas dificil.

Tienen algunos tips en como hacer que una estudiante cansada termine la ultima parte de la carrera?

Mucho amor


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