Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sol Sisters Sidekick- Abilene once more...

We just recently had another opportunity to do a second sidekick session with our great friend Abilene...here is the first one if you missed it. We were thrilled when she shared with us this great body conscious striped dress she had never used, and just like that we found our starting point. We were easily drawn to the idea of edging it out, ideas began to flow and we all liked the idea of keeping the rest of the pieces black to really let the dress stand out. The layers are great for fall/winter and really help for these chili nights. The statement necklace, ring and clutch added great texture to the final look. 

Once again Thank You Abilene for letting us do this once more...

Recientemente tuvimos la opportunidad de hacer una segunda seccion de sidekick con nuestra amiga Abilene...aqui esta la primera si te la perdiste Nos emocionamos cuando nos mostro este lindo vestido con rayas que no se habia puesto todavia y asi fue como encontramos nuestra pieza principal. Nos llamo la idea de crear un look rockero, y entre varias combinaciones decidimos mantener el resto de las piezas en color negro para dejar lucir el vestido. El collar, anillo y el bolso fueron los ultimos detalles para finalizar el look. 

De nuevo Muchas Gracias Abilene por darnos la oportunidad una vez mas...

xoxo Sol Sisters

What She Wore:

Dress/Vestido: Target
Jacket/Chamara: Forever 21
Leggings: Online store
Boots/Botas: EFE-Mexico
Clutch/Bolso: Ross
Necklace/Collar: JC Penny

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