Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MIM Rocks Fashion 2013

This past Friday night we had the pleasure of attending the MIM Rocks Fashion 2013 event. It promised to be a night of great fashion, styling, spring trends, music and networking...we are happy to report back that it did not disappoint. Brian Hill, director of Phoenix Fashion Week and his team who hosted the event did a great job of making the blogger audience (and by that we are really speaking for the Sol Sisters team) feel as if we were a big contributing part in the success of the event, so thank you for expressing that to us throughout the night! The event was held at the Musical Instrument Museum, a beautiful space dedicated to empowering individuals through music and musical instruments. We were able to learn about a non-profit organization that particularly empowers youth in Arizona to follow their musical dreams...that's pretty awesome! We experienced first hand the influence this organization has had on a very talented young singer who performed for two songs during the show. It was obvious that the music played an integral part in the show. 

{ One of our biggest fans, Marketing/PR mentor and friend -Bridgette with Inez and Liz of Sol Sisters}

The evening for the Sol Sisters team started with a media conference where we participated in a Q&A with the boutique owners, designers and stylists being showcased that night in the show. This was a great opportunity to learn more about what makes them successful individually and the value they see in things like social media, among other great questions. We were happy to walk away a little more enlightened by what they were able to share!

{Stylist Rochelle York, Clothes Minded Boutique-Kim Kendall, Stylist Fawn Cheng, Designer Khanh}

{Stylist Yekatherina Bruner, Divaz Boutique- Andrea Reiss, Stylist Brian Swan, Designer Bri Seeley, 
Amir's La Voute Boutique/Stylist Amir Saebi}

 {Sol Sisters with Yekatherina Bruner, Kim Kendall, Fawn Cheng and Khanh}

{Liz with Designer Tiffany of Bella Hustle and Stylist Brian Swan at the Cabana Login Lounge}

{Just before the show started}

{The very talented Estefy performing for the second time to the audience}

The first collaborative team consisted of stylist Rochelle York and Clothes Minded Boutique. We enjoyed seeing color play the biggest part in all of Rochelle's looks and how she showcased some great trends.  Color blocking, florals, high waited bottoms and bold accessories made their way down the run way in all her looks just perfect to get you through the season. It definitely got us all excited about spring! If your a local to the Phoenix valley make your way down to Clothe's Minded in Ahwatukee and experience for yourself the one of a kind pieces they offer!

 {Looks for Clothes Minded Boutique}

The second team was made up of stylist Yekatherina Bruner and Divaz Boutique. This was the collection that stood out for us the most for three reasons, one they all managed to share very feminine and delicate elements while still being sexy, secondly all of the pieces that Yekatherina selected had unique cuts and an obvious organic feel to them that just yells spring to us and lastly the music selection that played during her show was the one that spoke to us as much as the looks did! Divaz is already a go to shopping destination for the Sol Sisters team so we know your going to love it if you have not made your way to one of their locations! Divaz also has an online store for those of you that live outside of Arizona...take a peek!

{Looks for Divaz Boutique}


 The third collection of looks was the only menswear line of the night showcasing pieces from Amir's La Voute vintage shop. The collection was styled by the owner himself Amir Saebi. His mix of modern trends and vintage pieces made each and every look stand out for all the right reasons. It was inspiring to see how he dressed up every jacket with neckwear and at the same time gave them a playful and casual feel!  We are looking forward to stopping in soon and seeing more of his amazing inventory, you should too.

 {Looks for Amir's La Voute}


The fourth collaborative team consisted of stylist Fawn Cheng and Design house ENVY by Khanh. Khanh was one of the emerging Phoenix Fashion Week designers of 2012 and also one of the two local designers who showcased their spring collection at the event. For us it was very present that he as a designer embraces the female body and allows that to play a part of his creative designs. His use of bold colors and shapes really capture his innovative thinking and creativity throughout the collection. Fawn's use of evening hats with every  look made us stop to analyze what she was trying to say to with such statement...could we read it as sense of sophistication?  mystery? elegance? perhaps even all of the above! We do wish she would have taken bigger risks with the styling and in selecting the rest of the accessories for the looks. We look forward to following first hand where this emerging designer will go next!

 { ENVY by Khanh Spring 2013 Collection}


The last contributing power team were returning stylist Brian Swan and Designer Bri Seeley of Bri Seeley design house. Bri is Phoenix Fashion Week's designer of the year for 2012 and the other designer of the evening showcasing her spring collection. Full of ombre qualities and feminine flair her designs made a statement down the runway leaving us with a sensation that each look strongly conveys understated sophistication. Brian on the other hand left us wanting to see a bit more and it was a challenge for us to identify his influence throughout the collection. We felt there were multiple looks that where an open canvas to create something more. We look forward to seeing more of him and his talent, there's no doubt he's got a lot to say.
{Bri Seeley Spring 2013 Collection}

{The stylists of the MIM Rocks Fashion 2013 event}

The night was about paying tribute to Arizona's top stylists, with that said we feel its only appropriate to add in our two cents about what it means for us to style a look...
For us its is an opportunity to take risks in ways where you can trully surprise and inspire people. When we style we see it as if we are creating a recipe and we know all the main ingredients need to work together but then we go beyond that and take an opportunity to really come up with the unexpected and create something that speaks to others.

We had such a great time at the event, being in great company, surrounded by so many fashionistas and more than anything that we had the opportunity to cover it as media guests!

Much Love,
xoxo Sol Sisters

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