Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Arizona Blogger Conference 2013

I'm starting with a great big HELLO!! It feels great to be back here again...

We have been very fortunate this past year to have participated in some really great events. Our most recent one and probably most influential up to date was the Arizona Blogger Conference held just last weekend. We love being around fashion and all the industry's people but it feels like home when you are completely surrounded by your kind-bloggers. The ABC 2013 was held by Phoenix Style Collective for its second year at the Palomar Hotel in down town Phoenix.

The evening began with a very interactive social setting, great food, a fun photo booth (pics at the bottom), cool vendor stations, swanky prizes and an awesome group of fellow bloggers ready to mingle!

Between sharing blog recaps, updating our social apps and snapping group pictures there simply just wasn't enough greeting time to get to everyone. Nonetheless we were very pleased to have reconnected with a few bloggers and met some amazing new ones that night! We are so happy to now be surrounded by such creative, inspiring, and fun group of gals... if you have a minute head on over and check them out!!

Amy over at AZ Style Girl
Mignon over at The Chic Spy
Audree over at Simply Audree Kate
Vanessa over at Hola Sunshine
Martha over at Martha J
Joanna over at Fabulously Average

Audree of Simply Audree Kate & Liz of Sol Sisters

Bloggers networking before the conference 

 Taking our seats...excited for the evening's speakers!

The first speaker was Danielle Hampton of Sometimes Sweet
She touched on so many great points on how to have a great blog...
 We leave you with three of them that really spoke to us!
1) Finding your voice
2)Finding your passion
3)Tell your story


Our second speaker was Sara Matlin of Frances Vintage
Sara spoke to us about...
-Being yourself
-Adoring your audience
-Collaborating with other industry peers
It was just so amazing to get so much insight into what is important to all these successful bloggers.


We just loved her priorities visual!

The third speaker of the night was the adorable Summer Bellesa of The Girls With Glasses
Summer touched on the importance of
-life/work balance
-valuing your personal time
-love other bloggers
and be passionate!!!


The fourth speaker of the night was Sarah Hubbell of Emma Magazine 
It was so insightful to hear Sara talk about her publication and great websites that help with the not so fun technicalities of blogging. 


Our last speaker was the stylish Jessie Artigue of Style and Pepper
She ended with talking about the importance
-Adding value to your posts 
-The in's and out's of making money in blogging
-Offering your readers something valuable with everything you do
Jessie most importantly shared the value in staying true to yourself and your blog!

We were greeted with Hello gift bags full of awesome goodies!!
Some of the fun treats included The Dry Bar perfect blowout treatment samples, Kate Spade Live Color Fully eau de parfum spray, Hempz's pomegranate herbal body wash & moisturizer, Le Mode Accessories bow stud earings, Activate Vitamin Water and many other fun things...

We leave you with some fun photo booth pictures from Mr. Fun Booth we took with the fabulous bloggers we shared the evening with...

There's already talk about doing blogger brunches and lunches with these fabulous ladies...we can't wait!!

We can't wait for next year's conference!! 
xoxo Sol Sisters


  1. It was so nice meeting you ladies! Your photo booth pictures are great! :)

    1. Lindsay it was great meeting you too! We will definitely head over and check you out!!

      xo Sol Sisters

  2. Looks like fun!!!!!! I would love to meet fellow bloggers at a conference. I only met some at IMATS last year! lol Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was a great experience...if you get the chance to do something similar definitely go for it!! The best part is you get to build great blogger friendships :-)

      xo Sol Sisters