Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Morning Rays

Today's look represents the opposite idea of Stepping Out Bold, it's a monochromatic composition of neutral tones. We took the look as if we were working with a white canvas and threw in splashes of color. The accessories were also kept to a minimum but added enough visual texture to catch your eye. Nature and the morning light behind us played an important role in the final composition of the look. 

El look de hoy representa la idea opuesta de Stepping Out Bold, donde tomamos una composicion de tonos monocromaticos. Empezamos el look como si estuvieramos empezando con un canvas limpio y agregamos toques de color. Los accesorios los mantuvimos al minimo pero anadimos textura visual para llamar tu atencion. La naturaleza y la luz de la manana tuvo un rol importante en la composicion final del look.

Dress/Vestido: Papayas
Blazer/Saco: Forever 21
Fedora/Sombrero: Target
Shoes/Zapatillas: Charlotte Russe
Necklace/Collar: Vintage
Ring/Anillo: H&M
Clutch/Bolso: Forever 21
Sunglasses/Lentes de Sol: Target

Tell us what you think...how would you make a neutral look stand out? / Dinos que piensas...como harias que tu look neutral llame la atencion?

xo-sol sisters

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