Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stepping out BOLD

Hi Everyone!
We are in need of color and today is the day. The weather is just gorgeous here and we wanted to take advantage of the outdoors. The coral cardigan was a new piece in Liz's wardrobe and we wanted to pair it with another bold color. We decided that the blue jeans were a perfect complement for such a strong hue. The end result is just what we had in mind! The accessories were kept subtle enough to allow the colors to make center stage. The necklace, bracelet and ring add a tough of glam to turn it into a perfect outfit for a day around town.


Hola a Todos!
Estamos en necesidad de color y hoy es el dia. El clima esta hermoso y queriamos tomar ventaja del dia. El sweter coral del outfit es una pieza neuva en el guardaropa de Liz y quisimos combinarlo con otro color fuerte. Decidimos que los pantalones azules eran el perfecto complemento para un color tan fuerte. El resultado final es justo lo que teniamos en mente! Los accesorios fueron lo suficiente sutiles para dejar que los colores fuertes fueran los protagonistas. El collar, el brasalete ye el anillo anaden un toque de glamour lo cual crea un outfit perfecto para pasar el dia.

Cardigan/Sweter: Diva's Boutique-local
Jeans/Pantalones: Love Culture
T-shirt/Camiseta: H&M
Shoes/Zapatillas: Madden Girl
Bracelet/Brasalete: Kohl's
Necklace/Collar: Diva's Boutique-local
Ring/Anillo: H&M
Clutch/Bolso: Forever 21
Sunglasses/Lentes de Sol: Chanel
What do you think....would you step out bold? Que piensas....tu saldrias con una conbinacion de colores fuertes?
xo-sol sisters


  1. Perfect for spring and summer. You should put a piece together that you can dress up or wear casual.

    1. Jaime we agree the look is very easy going for warmer weather. That's a great idea...we will add a dress up/down look soon!!

      Thank you for your comment! We love you stopped by and shared some feedback on Stepping out BOLD!

      Xo-Sol Sisters