Monday, July 23, 2012

Back In Time

Hi Loves! Some of our readers suggested we try different locations for our shoots so we made an attempt with this outfit! We do want to share that even though we loved the end result, the process what a bit more challenging than usually since we are still discovering what works for us...nonetheless thank you again to those that suggested it for always encouraging us to grow!

With this look we had two main stars, the dress with its beautiful waist detail and the jeweled headband. With that in mind adding black accents to the outfit immediately identified it as an evening look. The additional accessories were kept subtle enough to add character to the posh look with out outshining the the main pieces.  

Tell us what you think? Did the location change help the overall look?

Hola amores! Varios de nuestros lectores sugirieron que tomaramos fotos en locaciones diferences asi es que tomamos sus comentarios y lo hicimos para este outfit. Al mismo tiempo, les decimos que el resultado final fue genial ya que el proceso fue un poco dificil y seguimos descubriendo que funciona para nosotros. Aun asi les queremos agradecer por habernos sugerido el tratar nuevos lugares.

Con este look tuvimos dos piezas claves. El vestido con el detalle en la cintura y la diadema enjoyada. El anadie accesorios en color negro inmediatamente tomo el outfit a un nivel de mas vestir. Los accesorios adicionales fueron minimos pero al mismo tiempo anadieron caracter al look elegante.

Dinos que piensas? Crees que el cambiar de locacion cambio el look en general?
{ What I wore }
Dress/Vestido: H&M
Headband/Diadema: Forever 21
Clutch/Bolso: Vacation purchase
Heels/Zapatillas: Bakers
Sunglasses/Lentes de Sol: Michael Kors


  1. I was just scrolling through your blog and I am loving all your outfits!This look is amazing, it really makes you feel like you're back in time. You look lovely doll.

    your newest follower
    Mix and Match the F word

    1. Elsa Thank you for stopping by and leaving us your sweet comment! Mission Accomplished then :-)... We love seeing your creations also!!

      xo Sol Sisters

  2. Gorgeous! I love the headband, such a nice touch... the stairs are such a nice background too! great pics girls!

    1. Hi Pau! Thanks so much!
      love having you over...we love when you come and visit!
      xo Sol Sisters!