Monday, July 2, 2012

Girl in Lace-Chica en Encaje

When special occasions or events come up you always look forward to dressing up! We had this cute lace dress that was our inspiration for today’s look. We wanted the look to have an evening feel to it. We decided to pair the dress with these silk heels that showcase feminine details along with the black belt which created more of a waistline and brought in feminine elements to the look. The additional accessories where added to accentuate the overall feel. In regards to the closed-toe heels we felt the look was more appropriate for a cocktail attire like event but if you wanted the look to be somewhat fun and less formal a simple change of shoes, perhaps like an open-toe look, could give you that effect.

Cuando ocasiones especiales o eventos surgen, siempre busca uno oportunidades para usar tus mejores galas! Tenemos este vestido de encaje el cual fue nuestra inspiracion para el look de hoy. Queriamos que el look tuviera un toque de elegancia para un evento especial. Decidimos usar el vestido con los tacones de seda los cuales anadieron detalles femeninos. El cinturon negro creo una cintura mas delineada y continuo con los elementos femeninos de el look. Los accesorios adicionales continuaron el feel elegante que queriamos conseguir. En cuanto a los tacones de frente cerrado, sentimos que eran mas appropiados para un evento estilo cocktail. Pero si el objetivo era un look mas divertido y menos formal un simple cambio de tacones haria el truco. Talvez, tacones de frente abierto darian el efecto deseado.

What Liz is wearing:
Dress/Vestido: One Clothing
Shoes/Tacones: Bakers
Bracelet/Pulsera: Forever21 & Charlotte Russe
Ring/Anillo: Charlotte Russe


  1. Love the dress it is so versatile. You could even pair it with cute wedges. I think you guys should do a hair session or makeup session one blog. Step-by-step instructions. Great job this week as always!

  2. Hi Jaime!
    Great feedback! We actually had the option of using brown instead of black but went with black for the "dressy" feel purpose :) But you are right some cute wedges would also work and give the dress a different style!

    We will work on putting together a hair, make up session in the future!
    As always thank you so much for your kind comments!

    xoxo Sol Sisters!

  3. Ooh La La! Very chic! I like the shoe change =)

  4. gorgeous!! love it from head to toe, those shoes are gorgeous! Following you girls back :)