Wednesday, January 9, 2013

and then there was GLAMOUR Magazine...

Hello Lovelies! Today we are doing a very special post about something that has had us smiling from ear to ear the last couple of days...

It all started a few months back with an email. I was sitting going through our Sol Sisters inbox that particular morning when I came across an email from GLAMOUR magazine...I paused, and remember thinking is this for real...its probably spam mail! Thank goodness I continued to read!! The email was from the recruiting editor of the magazine and she was inviting us to participate in a shoot they were doing with bloggers in our area...We immediately got to work on the look.

We were in disbelief the whole time we were there doing the shoot...It was just too cool!!
Fast forward to a few days ago... 
I am sitting in my office thinking the February issue should be out now! I then get on my iPad and and there it was...the article showcases two other lovely ladies and Liz who's rocking the white tuxedo blazer and totally representing our style and blog!!

We feel so happy, excited, honored and empowered to have had this experience and even happier we can finally share it on the blog with all of our readers!

We encourage you to go out and get a copy for is full of all kinds of goodies!

Thank you for all your means the world to us!!

Hola Lindas! Hoy compartiremos con ustedes un post muy especial...algo que nos ha echo sonreir de oreja a oreja estos ultimos dias...

Todo empezo hace unos meses atras mientras leia un correo electronico. Revisaba el inbox de Sol Sisters cuando llegue a un correo de la revista GLAMOUR...recuerdo que en ese momento cuestione la autentidad del correo...Doy las gracias que si me anime a seguir leyendo!! El correo era de parte de la editora de reclutamiento para la revista y era para invitarnos a participar en una sesion de fotos que estarian haciendo con bloggeras en nuestra area. Inmediatamente nos pusimos a trabajar.

El dia de la sesion de fotos no podiamos creer lo que estabamos haciendo...Realmente increible!
Hagamos un adelanto a hace unos dias atras...
Estoy sentada en mi oficina y me pongo a contemplar si la edicion del mes de Febrero ya salio a la venta...rapido corro por el iPad y alli esta...el articulo muestra a dos lindas chicas y a Liz luciendo un blazer estilo tuxedo y representando el estilo de Sol Sisters y nuestro blog!!

Nos sentimos sumamente felizes, emocionadas, con gran honor y fortalecidas por haber tenido esta experiencia y todavia mas felizes que lo podemos compartir con todas ustedes!

Gracias a todas por todo el apoyo que no han brindado...lo es todo para nosotras!!

Ve y compra tu copia...esta llena de grandes sorpresas!

xoxo Sol Sisters

* Please note that the images used in this post are property of GLAMOUR Magazine - iPad version
Writer: Lauren Bernstein
Photographer: Mark Leibowitz


  1. Wooow, amazing!
    I feel so happy for you two! <3


    1. Natalie thank you so much dear for the love!!

      xo Sol Sisters

  2. Just recieved it in the mail!

  3. Wow congrats! this looks so amazing! glamour is one of my favorite magazines!