Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beauty and the Beat

Hello lovelies,

As we are always interested in trying out products that improve something in our everyday routine or more importantly save us some time, we love giving the beat on the beauty. We want to share with you two products we have been using for about a couple weeks now and still get excited every time...

The first is a liquid eyeliner by NYX Cosmetics-The Curve. I for one have always found it challenging to draw that perfect cat eye look so when I came across this innovative looking applicator I just had to try it. I was instantly happy with its ergonomic design once I held it...don't you sometimes find it difficult to have a steady grip on a pencil? The nice felt tip really allows you to get close and create that thin line you sometimes want without having to put too much pressure on your eyelid. The cost = $15.

So if you are not one of those fortunate ones to be a pro at it this might be your solution too.
I purchased mine at my local Ulta store but you can also find it online at NYX Cosmetics

The second item is a beauty blending sponge which I also found at my local Ulta store. I really didn't understand what all the hype was about until I tried it. A couple months back I started to notice that my foundation and concealer weren't staying on through the end of my day. I was not sure if it was a combination of the two products I was using or perhaps the way I was applying it but I had to change something. I remember hearing about the beauty blender and thought it was a great place to start. Let me just say that not everyone carries it, I think I visited 3 stores before I finally found it. I decided to try their store brand blender first. The cost = $5.

I was so eager to try it and find out if that was the key to my problem! My first impression was that it was so easy to handle, its shape especially the tip really lend itself to use it everywhere on my face. I am happy with the results I am getting but it took me a few uses to understand what it can do. Overall I feel like its a great balance between applying makeup with your fingers and using a foundation brush. I feel like it gives me a more flawless coverage and the issue so far has not returned. I have since purchased a second I use solely for my concealer and the tip really lets me get in under the eyes. So if you are out shopping for a new foundation or concealer applicator this might be a good place to start!

We would love to hear about your experience with either product if you choose to give them a come back and tell us what you thought of them?

xo Sol Sisters

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