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Who doesn't love feeling excited over something newly discovered. 
Michelle Hébert made us feel this exact same way a few months ago during a Phoenix Fashion Week event we attended. Knowing nothing of this designer's work and then being mesmerized by a piece from her collection only left us craving for more!   

Michelle Hébert is based out of Los Angeles, CA and is a luxury brand that focuses on creating women's evening wear. Her designs celebrate beauty and femininity through her own unique interpretation. There is a very obvious respect for the female form when admiring any of her creations.

The 22 year old designer knew at a very young age that she wanted to be in fashion and throughout her teens she continued to surprise and enroll others in her dreams. Currently she is one of the emerging designers that is showcasing at this years Phoenix Fashion Week.

Below we share with you part of our interview with Michelle:

TSS: Where is your design studio located? If it’s not your ideal place, where would that be?
MH: Currently working out of my garage :) Definitely not my ideal place but I'm trying to make the best of it! When I have the opportunity to re-locate my workstation it would be somewhere in Los Angeles. Exactly where in LA is still to be determined.

TSS: If you had to describe the aesthetic of your line in one word what would it be?
MH: Ethereal

TSS: Who do you design for?
MH: I can see this question from two perspectives so I'll answer it in two ways! I started designing and continue to design for myself for fun, as therapy, and to just exercise my creativity. BUT the people who end up wearing my designs would be women of varying ages!

TSS: How had your style evolved as a designer over the years?
MH: SO MANY WAYS. Someday I have to reveal to the world the atrocities I designed as a younger kid. (okay maybe they aren't that bad) but when I was younger I drew mainly simple t-shirts and hoodies with logos and drawings on them. I was for whatever reason really into drawing cherries (I'm seriously embarrassed right now) and would put them on everything. Post-logo phase I was into very casual attire (think typical 90's/early 2000's outfits). 

AND THEN I was drawing baby-doll looking garments with way too many design elements. I think I really had to over-do it to realize where I need to exercise restraint. And by the time I neared the end of high-school and early college I was starting to develop the style I have now. It was in its baby phases I things were not as intricate, but definitely more on the stylish/classic side of the spectrum. Now I like to try my best to create pieces that are balanced, interesting, visually appealing, and have lasting power. I've always been terrible about keeping up with trends, but rather take interest in new patterns, textures, and silhouettes. My style now is a mosh posh of what I find visually captivating.

TSS: What has been the biggest thrill in your career as a designer?
MH: Reading this I instantly remembered when I was an all-day guest speaker to the art classes at a middle school. It's not entirely related to my career, more of an awesome bonus, but I really enjoyed communicating to younger kids about being persistent in attaining their goals. I felt really energized couldn't stop smiling after the day ended. And to this day I keep in communication with the student's who really enjoyed my speech or who are looking to pursue a career in the arts or design. 

TSS: Is there a hobby outside of fashion that you are also passionate about? Does it influence your designs?
MH: Oh man, I'm the hobby queen. So yes! Well first and foremost drawing/sketching/painting are my first true loves having come prior to fashion and having been a self-proclaimed perfectionist and being overly analytical and detail crazy with my work from childhood and up, that has really impacted the way I treat fashion design. I also used to crochet a lot, practiced origami, a little welding, various forms of crafting, and so on! Most of my hobbies are still arts & craft related so they all contribute to fashion.

TSS: What is one exciting goal you are working towards in the next year?
MH: Spreading my wings and flying out of the nest hahaha. I really need to move closer to LA because many of the people I work with are in the city, and there are more opportunities available to me out there. I'm only 40 mins - 1 hr away but it can be difficult to pull off last minute stunts as much as I would want to :(

TSS: If you could pick one celebrity or fashion icon to wear your designs, who would it be?
MH: Eeee this is always so hard, I have a dream list! Okay I'll say... Kiera Knightly. I always go between her Amy Pohler and Natalie Portman, but Kiera is a pretty classy lady who I would be so excited to see wearing my work.

It is remarkable to see a creative individual grow and we have no doubt that Michelle will go very far. We are thrilled to continue to follow her journey and see what she will achieve next. 

Michelle, You are a sweetheart and we hope you never loose that passion you carry within!
xox The Sol Sisters

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