Sunday, October 27, 2013


Hello dolls! We were approached by Skinny Wraps and asked if we wanted to try their body wraps and provide our honest feedback on the results we found. Inez and I tried the product and bring you today our honest opinion on the Skinny Wraps product. By talking to Rinda the Skinny Wrap distributor, she let us know of the different benefits we could see like tightening, toning, firming the skin, and even helps with cellulite and stretch marks. Inez and I were ready to give it a try and decided the areas to target on each of us. I decided to target my abdomen area and Inez chose to try the applicator on her chin. I have to be honest I did not know what to expect and was surprised when I saw the results. We are aware the results may vary from person to person but I was satisfied with what I found.
if you want to find out more about it don't hesitate to go to the website below
My measurements at the beginning of the process-32 1/2 inches

The body wrap applicator-it had a natural smell, like if it were made out of herbs
Applied on my lower abdomen

We wrapped my abdomen with plastic and waited for 45 minutes.

Pleasently surprised to see I had 1 inch less :)

from 32 1/2 inches to 31 1/2 inches

Inez's chin  before  and after. We barely saw a difference on Inez's chin and don't think it made a difference like how we saw on my abdomen.

We have to say we had fun trying Skinny Wraps and looking forward to future opportunities where we get to try new products.

The Sol Sisters were not compensated for this product review.

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