Thursday, October 3, 2013


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The Sol Sisters interviewed emerging designer Trang Nguyen about her latest work, design style, inspiration, and dreams. She is one of the emerging designers presenting at Phoenix Fashion Week on Saturday October 5th at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.  Inez and I believe Trang Nguyen has something special that we wanted to share with our readers. I mean just look at the beautiful design of this party gown. The elements of intricacy and sophistication are palpable where the woman wearing the piece would feel beautiful, classy, and unique. Trang we are excited to see your collection this coming Saturday and we wish you the best, all the success, and much more.

Xoxo The Sol Sisters

Where is your design studio located? If it’s not your ideal place, where would that be?
My design studio is located in St. Louis, MO.  I currently sew in my parents’ basement.

If you had to describe the aesthetic of your line in one word what would it be?

Who do you design for?
I design for women who lacks that confidence and also at the same time want to show their confidence in a secretive way.  My target market for my clothing line would be from ages 20-45.

How had your style evolved as a designer over the years?
I have seen many changes in my style over the past years.  As I get older, I tend to go towards the more classic conservative look.

What has been the biggest thrill in your career as a designer?
My biggest thrill being a designer as of right now is being at Phoenix Fashion Week.  I have never met so many talented people from all over the country in one place.  Also, because Phoenix Fashion Week Emerging Designer program is exactly what I have been looking for to successfully start my fashion label.

Is there a hobby outside of fashion that you are also passionate about? Does it influence your designs?
I love to do embroidery and crocheting.  This is what I did for many years before I was bought a sewing machine and after doing it for so long, it became a hobby for me.  Embroidery may be the reason why I have so much patience in sewing because you need a lot of patience when you embroider something by hand instead of machines nowadays.

What is one exciting goal you are working towards in the next year?
An exciting goal I am working towards in the next year is to create a fashion team and have my own studio so my clients can come for fittings and have a place where they can contact me at anytime.
If you could pick one celebrity or fashion icon to wear your designs, who would it be?
I have so many celebrity that I would like to dress, so this question is hard for me to answer.  I will have to cheat here and say that the celebrities that I would love to dress is Kate Beckinsale and Selena Gomez.  

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